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A self-taught programmer with a passion for software development and a commitment to lifelong learning, I am motivated by the belief that technology can be a powerful force for positive change.



Browse through my hackathon journey, where each achievement reflects not just wins but the invaluable lessons learned in the heat of coding challenges.

bunyod, jason, how zheng, and alvin pitching about our zakkarat project to the aleo team

Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023

Our winning entry was a fully functional dApp that showcased the incredible Zero Knowledge capabilities of Aleo.


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a simple dialog between gold knight and granny in lost knight game

42KL GameJam 2023

Our challenge was to create a game within 55 hours, incorporating the theme of 'Lost' and utilizing the Godot Engine.


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Discover my programming journey through various projects and lessons learned along the way.

A example image of 42 Campus Dashboard

42 Campus Dashboard

Build a comprehensive dashboard for 42 Kuala Lumpur that offers real-time statistics on current students, empowering them to assess and understand the current status of their peers on campus.

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A example image of 42 Status Generator

42 Status Generator

Assisting the Bocals in leveraging 42's internal API to gain a more comprehensive view of currently enrolled students on campus. Help to give a good guage on which Cadet is falling behind and on what projects do they need assistances.

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A example image of Minishell


Creating a viable, basic implementation of a Shell/Bash application utilizing solely the C programming language

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A example image of So Long

So Long

Learn all about textures, sprites, and some other very basic gameplay elements by creating a 2D game in C programming language using the MiniLibX library.

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A example image of Philosophers


Learn the basics of threading a process and managing memory access among threads by using Mutex.

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